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Behind the Mask kicks off the fall

Posted by Chapel Hill Communications Team on

Did you know the apostle Paul had something to say about mask-wearing? It’s true! Read on!

Yes, September has begun and online school is resuming, but we’re still wearing masks and dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. What does it mean to have hope despite these challenges? Paul told the church in Corinth that there was a relationship between suffering and hope in Jesus Christ. He reminds the church that while Moses had to wear a mask because his face shone brightly with the glory of God, we are now able to behold the Spirit of God with unveiled faces.
How might that comfort us today and help us survive (and perhaps even thrive) during a season in which things are definitely not normal? It’s time to go behind the mask and get real in order to discover the hope and comfort Jesus brings.

Be sure to join us as we kick off the fall with a new sermon series, Behind the Mask: Getting Real, starting Sunday, September 13, at the 9:00 am classic service and the 11:00 am modern service. Join us in person if you can, but if you can’t, join us on Facebook and YouTube as we livestream the services. And invite a friend with you—either in person, or worship together online by sharing the links.

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