Worship Services


Worship Services

As God's people, we have always gathered to remind ourselves of who God is,  who we are, and to listen together to what He is saying to our community. The expression of those gatherings has looked very different throughout history, but the same purpose has always remained. It is for that purpose that Chapel Hill has three weekly worship services:  to encounter God’s presence as a community. 

Saturday Evening: 6:30pm in Memorial Chapel

At the 6:30 Saturday evening service, the style is determined by the idea that we want to hear God speak and respond to Him. We'll usually be led in musical worship by a band, but our range of styles and songs will be wide. In the smaller space of the Memorial Chapel, the feeling of the entire service will instantly be a little more cozy.  K-5th grade students will participate in most of the service, with an activity time during the sermon. Nursery and preschool care are also offered.  

Sunday Morning: 9:00am in the Sanctuary

The 9:00 Sunday morning service is best described as blended. The style is generally more traditional, and the pastors usually wear robes. Music is led by a variety of ensembles and in a variety of styles.  Choir, orchestra, hand bells, and praise band are all common sightings at this service. A full Sunday School program for K-5th grade students runs the whole hour, along with nursery and preschool care. 

Sunday Morning: 10:45am in the Sanctuary

The 10:45 Sunday morning service is best described as modern. The style is generally more casual and is sometimes led by band members in addition to the pastors, who don’t usually wear robes.  Music is led by a guitar-driven band.  Our K-5th grade students start in service with their parents and are dismissed to CrossFit, our second hour Sunday School program, partway through the service.  Nursery and preschool care are also offered.