Why did God let 2020 happen? | Gig Harbor | Chapel Hill Online

Why did God let 2020 happen? | Gig Harbor | Chapel Hill Online

Why does a good God allow bad stuff to happen? Where is God in the midst of pain? We don’t have a full answer, but we do know that the Christian God is the only God who entered into pain and suffering to free us from it. Pastor Larry shares a message of comfort and hope with us.

Thinking Further:
1. What was different for you about Christmas this year?
2. Read John 11:1-6. What questions does this passage bring up for you about Jesus? What questions of faith has 2020 brought up for you?
3. Jesus entered into the pain of loss and wept with Mary. Pastor Larry shared his own story of experiencing God’s love through the comforting presence of another. Do you need to know the comforting presence of Christ with you now? Read John 11 and remember that Christ is with you.

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