Who does God invite to Christmas? | Gig Harbor | Chapel Hill Online

Who does God invite to Christmas? | Gig Harbor | Chapel Hill Online

Christmas is around the corner, but it can be a really hard time of year. This Christmas will be especially difficult without our normal gatherings and traditions. It is easy to feel unwanted and left out. But we are never left out by God, and He invites us all to His Christmas celebration. In this sermon, hear Pastor Ellis tell us about the guests of the first Christmas, and how we can apply that today.

Thinking Further:
1. Who do you typically invite to Christmas? Who is the most unusual person you have shared Christmas with?
2. Read the Christmas story in Luke 2 and Matthew 2 and answer the question- who was invited to the first Christmas? How was the guest list unexpected?
3. Who originally invited you to church? Who have you invited to explore faith with you over the years?
4. Who is one person you could invite to church with you this Christmas? Pray together for that person now.

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