What does God think of my mess and regrets? | Gig Harbor | Chapel Hill Online

What does God think of my mess and regrets? | Gig Harbor | Chapel Hill Online

Where is God in this mess, and what does He think about my mess and my regrets? We all have messy lives; It’s part of being human. In this sermon, Pastor Rachel Toone finds the answer in the story of Jesus’ birth. Tune in to hear a different side of the Christmas story that my surprise you!

Thinking Further:
1. Read Luke 2. Put yourself in the position of never having read the Christmas story before. What surprises you about this story?
2. Pastor Rachel asked us to consider the image of baby Jesus in the middle of the room, entering into the mess, and at the same time, causing chaos. In what ways has having Jesus in your life shaken things up for you?
3. Share with a trusted friend one area of your “mess” that you are grateful Jesus has the power to heal. You might use the following phrase “I am thankful Jesus meets me in my mess. I need Jesus because…” Have the other person remind you of Jesus’ forgiveness and freedom.

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