Three Principles for Church Life l Luke 17:1-10 l Chapel Hill Church Gig Harbor

Three Principles for Church Life l Luke 17:1-10 l Chapel Hill Church Gig Harbor

In this thought-provoking sermon from August 27, 2023, Pastor Mark Toone of Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church delves into the teachings of Jesus from Luke 17:1-10. Join us as we explore the connection between three seemingly disparate teachings that hold profound spiritual significance for today’s church.

🛡️ Discipline: Pastor Toone begins by delving into the concept of discipline within the Christian church. Drawing from Jesus’ words, he highlights the importance of protecting the vulnerable from scandal while emphasizing the redemptive nature of discipline. Discover how accountability and a protective community are crucial for maintaining a healthy church environment.

🙏 Faith: Explore the apostles’ plea to Jesus for increased faith, and learn how even a small seed of faith can empower believers to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. Pastor Toone elucidates the significance of faith to act and faith to trust, encouraging viewers to exercise their existing faith and step out into the extraordinary.

🔗 Duty: In a culture of consumerism, Jesus’ parable on duty comes as a reminder of the responsibilities each believer has toward the Lord and the church. Pastor Toone challenges listeners to recognize their role in serving God’s Kingdom, emphasizing the importance of actively participating and contributing to the church community.

Join us as we dive into these timeless teachings from Luke 17 and uncover the profound wisdom they offer for fostering a strong, supportive, and spiritually vibrant church community. Whether you’re seeking guidance on navigating challenges within the church or aiming to deepen your understanding of these principles, this sermon provides valuable insights for believers of all walks of life.