Second Advent l Isaiah 65:17-25 l Chapel Hill Church Gig Harbor

Second Advent l Isaiah 65:17-25 l Chapel Hill Church Gig Harbor

📖🌌 Isaiah 65:17-25 speaks of a future with new heavens and earth. In Christ, our pain will be forgotten, and longings fulfilled. The promise applies to us today.

🌈🏡 Isaiah envisions a world without sadness, disappointment, conflict, or division. It’s a place of peace and restoration. In Christ, we have a renewed hope for this wonderful future.

🏡🌳 In the new heavens and earth, life won’t be cut short, and the fruit of our labor will be enjoyed. No more building for others to inhabit, no more labor in vain. A future of permanence and fulfillment awaits.

🕊️🐺 The new reality brings peace. No bearing children for calamity, and even the wolf and lamb graze together. Restoration and harmony will prevail. God hears before we call, and no hurting or destroying in His holy mountain.

🌟🌍 Our new reality is in Christ – a present and future transformation. Like a fresh start, 2 Corinthians says, “In Christ, we are a new creation.” Our past is forgiven, and our identity changed.

💪🔨 The work of new creation is God’s. It’s not about our efforts but His ability to transform. Our new identity is not a fleeting feeling but a permanent reality, just like Jerusalem becoming joy.

📜✝️ Personalize your story using Isaiah’s language. “In Christ, I am no longer…but…” Focus on Scripture, declare truths, and counter lies. Reflect on your new reality in Christ, rejoicing in the Lord amidst present sufferings.