Justice l Isaiah 11:1-9 ; Chapel Hill Church Gig Harbor

Justice l Isaiah 11:1-9 ; Chapel Hill Church Gig Harbor

🔥 Devastation predicted by Isaiah: Babylon’s destruction of Jerusalem, temple, walls, and people. Loss of God’s promise, hope seemingly gone.

🌱 Isaiah’s glimpse of renewal: Like shoots emerging from ash, a Messiah will rise from the devastation, fulfilling God’s promise of a new and better king.

⚖️ Messiah’s reign: Just and fair judgment, advocating for the poor and meek, striking down the wicked. Righteousness and faithfulness define his rule.

🕊️ Justice in Advent: An unconventional theme, questioning the traditional focus on love, joy, peace, and hope.

🌍 Prophetic call for justice: Isaiah’s condemnation of corrupt rulers and the cry for justice in the face of oppression and abuse.

👑 Messiah’s revolutionary mission: Jesus’ commitment to justice, quoting Isaiah and fulfilling the prophetic vision.

💔 Injustice in today’s world: Reflection on contemporary issues and a call for justice in the face of societal challenges.

🤲 Personal commitment to justice: Encouragement to engage in acts of justice, starting with a recognition of the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

🕊️ Holy Spirit’s role: Emphasizing the Spirit’s transformative power in turning hearts towards justice and compassion.

🔍 Awareness of grace: Balancing the pursuit of justice with a constant awareness of God’s grace.

✨ Anointed by the Spirit: The transformative power of the Holy Spirit in guiding believers to fight against injustice.