It’s Who You Know | Gig Harbor | Chapel Hill Online

It’s Who You Know | Gig Harbor | Chapel Hill Online

The first sermon in our series on Subversive Leadership taken from the book of Daniel looks at how we as Christians should deal with human authorities at odds with God’s authority. In this time of political divisiveness and government transition, it is a message that both challenges and comforts us with the knowledge that God is sovereign over all.

Thinking Further:

1. Read an introduction to the book of Daniel from a study Bible. How did Daniel’s life model blessing and influencing his culture without compromising his faith?
2. Being sensitive to those of different views and experiences, share briefly how you have been affected personally by human authorities over-exerting their influence over your life. What parallels do you see with Nebuchadnezzar’s attempts to assert his authority over Daniel and his friends, dilute their worship, encourage their dependency and redefine their identity?
3. The key to a balance between being in the culture but not compromised by it is who you know. How does knowing that God is sovereign change your outlook on current events? Pray for his help in being a great citizen on this earth and an even better citizen of God’s kingdom.

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