How to Speak Truth to Power | Gig Harbor | Chapel Hill Online

How to Speak Truth to Power | Gig Harbor | Chapel Hill Online

It can be hard to speak the truth to a powerful person when you’re not sure what their answer will be. In this sermon, Pastor Mark Toone lays out some practical steps for having difficult conversations in tough situations.

Thinking Further:
1. Have you ever had a difficult conversation with a powerful person? What happened? Read Daniel 2:1-30. How did Daniel handle his difficult conversation?
2. Daniel’s example in this story gives us some really practical ways to model Christ’s love in difficult conversations; keeping his cool, cultivating a pause, seeking the counsel of friends, deflecting credit, and going to prayer. Which of these practices are you good at and which could do with some work?
3. What difficult situations and relationships are you in right now? Take them to the Lord in prayer and ask for his wisdom in what you best next step might be.

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