How to Be Bold | Acts 4:1-31 | Chapel Hill Church Gig Harbor

How to Be Bold | Acts 4:1-31 | Chapel Hill Church Gig Harbor

📖 This morning, we continue our series through the Book of Acts, which chronicles the early church. Today’s story in chapter 4 features two brave men willing to sacrifice for their beliefs. We recall the miraculous healing of a lame man by Peter and John, and Peter’s bold proclamation in Jesus’ name. If the past weeks were like Star Wars Episode IV, today starts Episode V – the authorities’ pushback against these “rebels.”

👨‍⚖️🗣️ Acts 4:1-7 details how Peter and John were arrested for preaching Jesus’ resurrection. Despite imprisonment, their message brought many to faith.

⛪💬 Pastor Ellis relates to a personal encounter with an atheist, drawing parallels to Peter and John’s boldness before the Sanhedrin. Acts 4:8-12 highlights Peter’s transformation, filled with the Holy Spirit, enabling him to declare Jesus as the source of healing and salvation.

💪🔥 Peter’s boldness stems from being filled with the Holy Spirit, which transforms his fear into courage, even before the same group that condemned Jesus. The council, astounded by their boldness, deliberates but can only warn them not to preach anymore. Acts 4:13-22 shows the council’s recognition of their influence but inability to punish them due to public support.

🙏🔄 Upon release, the apostles pray for more boldness and are filled again with the Holy Spirit, experiencing physical manifestations of God’s presence. This recurring filling of the Spirit empowers their continued proclamation.

🎈✝️ Pastor Ellis explains that being filled with the Spirit is a continuous process, likened to repeatedly inflating a balloon. This ongoing filling empowers believers to boldly share Jesus’ message.

🙏🙏 Pray with us for boldness, signs, and wonders, seeking the Holy Spirit’s empowerment to continue proclaiming the good news of Jesus.