Caring for different people | Chapel Hill Online | Gig Harbor

Caring for different people | Chapel Hill Online | Gig Harbor

The Good Samaritan is probably the most well-known parable, but how does it affect us today? Who IS a Samaritan to us? In this sermon, Pastor Mark Toone explores what it means to be FOR other people, how to care for those who are different than us, and the challenge Christians face to overcome our own prejudices and love different people.

Discussion Questions:
Read Luke 10:25-37. Why was it so unexpected for the Samaritan to be the hero of the story?

If you were to translate this parable into modern-day equivalents, who would the characters be? Who would you expect to offer help to someone in need? Who would be the least likely?

Where have you seen or experienced unexpected people being the kind of good neighbor Jesus is talking about? What do you think motivated them to behave this way?

Spend time in prayer for the people in your life who you see as very different from yourself or difficult to love. Pray for God’s blessing upon them.

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