🌟 Discover the Power of God’s Extravagant Love 🌟 | Luke 15:1-10 | Chapel Hill Church

🌟 Discover the Power of God’s Extravagant Love 🌟 | Luke 15:1-10 | Chapel Hill Church

Join us for an inspiring sermon by Pastor Mark Toone from Chapel Hill Church as he delves into the Gospel of Luke, specifically Luke 15:1-10. In this engaging message, Pastor Mark unpacks the profound parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin, shedding light on the incredible depth of God’s love and grace.

🔍 Are you seeking meaning and purpose in your life? Have you ever felt lost or disconnected? This sermon reminds us that God’s love knows no bounds, and he tirelessly seeks out the lost to bring them back into his loving embrace.

🌿 Pastor Mark emphasizes the significance of being found by someone who cares deeply enough to search for us. He draws parallels between the lost sheep and coin in the parables and the way God relentlessly pursues those who are far from him. The message is clear: no one is beyond God’s reach!

🎉 But the sermon doesn’t stop there – it challenges us to become seekers as well. Pastor Mark encourages each of us to extend God’s love by actively inviting others into the faith. Whether you’re new to the journey or well-grounded in your faith, this message offers profound insights that will resonate with all seekers of truth.

🙌 Join us in embracing the “For the One” initiative – a heartfelt call to action that encourages every believer to seek out and welcome one lost soul. As Pastor Mark reminds us, we were once lost and found by Jesus – now it’s our turn to play a role in the beautiful story of redemption.

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📅 Date: August 13, 2023
📍 Speaker: Pastor Mark Toone
🏛️ Location: Chapel Hill Church

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