Accountability in action

Presbyterian. Perhaps the most misspelled and least understood of denominational names. I’ve mentioned this before, but if you were to choose a recognizable, intuitive, trendy name for a church, “Presbyterian” would likely not make the short list.  Although we may not LEAD with “Presbyterian,” your “Session” (the board of elders—another inscrutable word!) has chosen to […]

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How to make your voice heard

Of the many things I have reflected upon since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the thing that has struck me most is that she kept quiet more often than not. Undoubtedly, she had an opinion on many things, whether political policies, climate change, or even her personal opinions about others. Yet, she refrained from […]

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For the One

Our goal…our hope…is modest and attainable: that EVERY single believer who calls Chapel Hill Church “home” will devote themselves to praying for, being present with, and presenting a personal invitation to ONE unbelieving friend. JUST ONE. Are you willing to join in that journey? In that discipline? Of thinking beyond ourselves, our interests, our blessings…and resonating with the […]

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