Who Will You Invite to Alpha?

Who Will You Invite to Alpha?

Sometimes the “yes” takes you by surprise. I’ve been praying for my little brother for years and we’ve had countless spiritual conversations over those years. But as you know if you have a family member or a friend like that, you grow used to their rejection and even if you continue to share, you don’t really expect a “yes” to an invitation. That’s totally where I was at with my brother. But listen to what happened a couple of weeks ago…My family were in town and I invited my brother to attend Alpha with me. And he said YES!

In just one short visit my brother came to Alpha once and church twice and met all sorts of friends who follow Jesus. And he couldn’t help remarking the uniqueness of the uplifting, encouraging people and experiences he encountered. The warmth and welcome spoke volumes and their joy, hopefulness and peace was tangible to him. Those things were all the more remarkable to him because of the lack of those things in his own life right now and his desire for more – I can see how God is stirring up his heart and using his life circumstances to seek and search for answers. His journey’s not done but I know I’m walking away from this visit encouraged by his positive experience of Christian community, and touched that despite his own questions he would engage and enjoy the parts of my life that matter most to me. It was an honor and a privilege to introduce him and give him a taste of belonging in this community.

Have you ever heard that phrase? Belonging before belief? That’s often what happens at Alpha. People don’t just hear about the gospel, they experience gospel community. Often before they have their own personal sense of faith. And as they are loved and welcomed they can’t help but want to explore more and little by little that joy and faith rubs off and God grows that seed of faith into something bigger. This past Alpha we had several people who had come through Alpha multiple times before finally committing their life to Jesus. The same was true the Alpha before that. It took a while, but God kept on pursuing them. The consistent and positive experience of Christian friends who were present and faithful through the ups and downs of life made an impact. The faithful prayers of his people were answered.

Do you have someone in your life that you’ve been praying for over the long haul? Don’t give up! You might be surprised by the YES just like I was.

Alpha starts April 24. Invite people to join you by sharing gigharboralpha.com. No question is off the table. No person is too far away from Jesus. We’d love to welcome you and them into an experience of gospel community – a safe place to explore life’s big questions and loved just where you are.

We are still looking for people to pray and serve for one hour, one time. Sign up to pray. Sign up to serve. Sign up to bring dessert. Sign up to serve at the Alpha Weekend.

Pastor Rachel