What makes a Mexico trip life-changing?

What makes a Mexico trip life-changing?

When facing a new experience, are you more likely to dive in or dip your toe? “Dive in!” is the theme for our high school global outreach team leaving for Mexico one week from today. We were inspired by God’s promise to Isaiah: Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. (Isa. 43:19)

In everyday life, it is easy to stay blinded by our self-concern. It’s easy to stay in our comfort zone on dry land. But this team is all about noticing God’s rescue. We want to be courageous people who jump into the stream of what God is already doing in the world. A Mexico trip, however, is not the deep dive. It’s just the toe-dip.

Cross-cultural exchanges are opportunities to SHARE our faith, and they also SHAPE our faith. At Agua Viva in Ensenada (literally “living water”), our student team will come alongside a congregation and young adults in training for ministry. These locals are the ones diving in! They are reaching out in their own communities with the good news of Jesus. 

In Mexico, evangelical churches are growing. We have much to learn from them, and we also bring encouragement. As we become friends, stereotypes of Mexicans or Americans dissolve. Throughout the week, we will hear testimonies from believers who grew up in indigenous tribes or who survived urban instability. We will work together on roof repairs, and bike repairs, and help care for children while our hosts share Bible truths with them.

In addition to seeing each other’s strengths and spiritual gifts, global outreach teams also practice being with people in suffering and looking to Jesus as the one true redeemer of us all. Being with someone suffering…coming to God in our own poverty, whatever it may be…these are the habits that result in humble and courageous people. 

It doesn’t happen overnight. Just like teenagers don’t become missionaries overnight! We all join God’s mission in the little choices day by day. Pray for us that as we dip our toes in the bracing waters of the Spirit’s movement in Mexico, we would return with an urge to dive into rivers of revival here at home.

Actually, let’s make that a prayer for all of Chapel Hill! There is a Christian tradition of dedicating 40 days before Easter as a sort of spiritual desert so we can notice when the water springs up at the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead—that is the promise Isaiah foretold! This season of “Lent” begins on Valentine’s Day next week. It is a time to persevere in prayer, to pay closer attention to suffering around us, and to look for ways to extend God’s saving love personally. When you come to church tomorrow, we will all bless the Mexico GO Team, and we have a very special gift for all ages to take a journey to the cross in prayer for revival. I cannot wait to share it with you.

Prayer for the High School Agua Viva Global Outreach Team

May our team grow in faith in Jesus. Grow us in friendships and service, to love as he has loved us.

Bless the Porvenir community, Pastor Oliver and Iglesia Cristiana families, and our hosts and Bible school students at Agua Viva Ranch. As we repair the church roof and playground, show us how your Spirit is already at work there.  

Grant safety, unity, and joy to our construction team. Change hearts as we listen and connect with people through bike repair. Jesus, help the kids learn to pray and know your love for them.  

Speak in our evening times in worship and the Word. Send us out in a spirit of deep respect, learning, and expectation of seeing God at work and being his workers when we return!  

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Cara Taylor
Director of Outreach