I’m so blessed!

I’m so blessed!

The other day I was driving home, pondering… if I am honest…worrying some… about several challenges facing our church. As I drove along in a funk, a song came on the radio. I’d never heard it before…but it captivated me like no song has in a long time.   

The song was called “I’m So Blessed”. (Listen to it here.) It was the bridge of that song that really grabbed me:  

On my best day, I’m a child of God!

On my worst day, I’m a child of God!

Every day is a good day

And you’re the reason why

I’m so blessed, I’m so blessed

Got this heartbeat in my chest

No, it doesn’t matter about the rest

If I got You, Lord, I’m so blessed

“On my best day, I’m a child of God. On my worst day, I’m a child of God!” I kept singing those words over and over again. I walked into the house, singing…dancing in front of Cyndi. She thought I’d lost my mind! I didn’t care. I felt like David who was singing and dancing before the Lord.

Because it is true. On my best day, I’m a child of God. On my worst day…I’m still a child of God. If I’ve got you, Lord, I’m so blessed.

This is Thanksgiving week. I love this holiday; it’s my favorite because it’s the one holiday our secular culture has been unable to de-spiritualize. As long as we still call it “Thanksgiving,” it is an admission that someone…somewhere…out there…is the object of our thanks. Deserves our gratitude. So, every “thanksgiving” feast, even around a pagan table, is still a grudging admission that we have been blessed by someone…and that person deserves our gratitude.

But we know who that someone is. We have an incredible Lord who loves us, who has called us his sons and daughters and who wants to give us his kingdom. So…will you join me in singing…and dancing…and being extravagant in your praise of the Lord? Do it this Wednesday night at 7:00 pm for our Thanksgiving service. Do it around your table on Thursday. Or how about getting a jump start? Go to this link, listen to this song, and remind yourself, “I’m…SO… blessed!”  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pastor Mark

P.S.— And speaking of Thanksgiving, last Sunday, Pastor Ellis and I shared an exciting vision for the future of our church and the part you can play in it. Go here if you missed it and please give it a watch. This is yet another reminder of how we’ve been blessed.