Pardon the Interruption

Pardon the Interruption

I wonder if anyone else has been challenged by this “One Anothers” sermon series like I have? I know you have, because each week we get feedback from people sharing how they felt like this message was just for them. I heard someone comment to Pastor Mark that she felt bad that everyone else in the church had to hear a sermon that was clearly written just for her.

It turns out that learning to live with one another is hard work. Imagine that! But I hope that you have sensed a real joy in that work. God created us to live in community with one another. From the foundation of creation, he said that it was not good to be alone. And so when we learn to work and live together, we are doing the Lord’s work! With each challenge to encourage, serve, admonish, forgive, honor, accept, and pray for one another, we have the opportunity to show the world what true community looks like. The Apostle John wrote that the world would know we are Christians by our love. The way we treat one another shows that love!

This week, I found myself interrupted by life a lot. My phone kept pinging with notifications about kids going back to school. Little interruptions about relaunching the program year, or someone needed a check request signed. Phone calls, texts, an out-of-town friend from Thailand. I am usually a person who gets very flustered and frustrated by interruptions. But for some reason, these interruptions seemed like a delightful interlude in my day. As I’ve tried to figure out why that would be the case, I realized that each of these interruptions was an opportunity to love the others in my life. Whether that was preparing my kids to launch to school, digging into an opportunity to serve at the church, or delighting in the work God is doing through our Global Outreach partners. I was able to put some of these skills we’ve been learning into practice—honoring, encouraging, praying for, and even some forgiving and admonishing.

I think this is what life should look like for followers of Jesus. Each week should be filled with opportunities to “one another”. And I am curious if you have seen this play out in your life too. In fact, I want to hear about it. This is an opportunity for you to encourage our team. Can you share how God has called you to love one another this summer?

If you have a story, will you drop me a line? You can reach me by email.

Pastor Julie

P.S.—This Sunday, Pastor Mark will continue in our “One Anothers” sermon series. Given today’s political, cultural and racial climate, it may be the toughest “one another” of all. But he’s got some practical biblical tips on how we might “live in harmony with one another”. Join us!