How can I serve?

How can I serve?

This is one of my favorite frequently-asked questions at the wood wall each week. I love that people at Chapel Hill want to connect to service. Serving our community and the church is part of who we are. It’s in our mission statement: exalt Jesus, elevate others, launch disciple-makers. It’s in our discipleship process: worship, serve, connect, reach. As we give ourselves away through acts of service, we grow to be more like Jesus.  

And I love that people ask that question, because I know that in a big church, it can be hard to know where to start. We used to have a ministry guide that talked about all the things that are going on at Chapel Hill. It was what my kids would call a “chapter book.” It felt overwhelming. Plugging into service at a big church can be overwhelming. And more than that, we don’t want you to fill a spot, we want to call people into ministry! We want people to serve where God has uniquely gifted them, where God is growing them. We even have a class that helps you do a deep dive into your unique giftings: Custom Made.  

Almost every week I have someone ask me where they can serve. And almost every week I hear our ministry leads talk about a need for people to serve, whether that’s in Kids’ Worship, the nursery, or greeters at the door. As our church continues to grow, we know that we have people who are ready and willing to serve, and we know that we have opportunities to serve. We want to help connect those two groups. And we want to do it in a way that pairs people to that work that God is calling them to do for his kingdom. And so, this weekend, we are introducing a way to help us do this called the Discovery Tool Survey. Think of it as your first step to answering that question, “How can I serve?” Our Discovery Tool Survey helps connect you to service opportunities that fit your gifts and passions. It also helps our ministry leads connect with people who are gifted and passionate.  

We hope that you will take this quick survey that will help you connect to ministry and service at Chapel Hill. I can’t wait to see the way we grow to be more like Jesus. And you are always welcome to stop by the wood wall and ask me, “How can I serve?”  

Pastor Julie