The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper is one of two sacraments in our denomination, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC).

The sacrament was instituted by Jesus on the night of his betrayal. It is to be celebrated until the end of the world as a perpetual remembrance of what he did for humanity on the cross. The Lord’s Supper is a seal of all those benefits of Calvary for believers and signifies their spiritual growth and nourishment. It is a bond and pledge of the communion of believers with Jesus Christ and with each other as parts of the Church.

Historically Christians have used different names to describe the Lord’s Supper. However, these names all signify the same sacrament. In addition to being called the Lord’s Supper, it is called the Breaking of the Bread, Holy Communion, and the Eucharist (Thanksgiving).

Those who receive the Lord’s Supper spiritually feed upon Christ as the true bread, remembering and, by God’s grace, renewing the covenantal benefits of Christ’s death on their behalf. In that sense, the sacrament conveys what it signifies when it is received by faith.

The Lord’s Supper is a public and corporate act of worship. We believe it should be celebrated by all believers, and that it should be open to all who profess faith in Jesus Christ. At Chapel Hill, the Lord’s Supper is celebrated at various times throughout the year. We pray that if you have placed your trust in Christ, you’ll participate in this bond of love intended to produce mutual love among believers, as well as thanksgiving and gratitude to God.

EPC Pastor and Church Planter Zac Hicks preaches about the timeless nature of the Lord’s Supper.