Celebrating Alpha!

Celebrating Alpha!

Today, I’m filled with joy and gratitude for how good our God is. Alpha launched last week and I couldn’t be more thrilled to report how well it went!

I’m especially celebrating the engagement from our congregation as we launched our first Alpha in person since the pandemic…last week we had 54 people praying for Alpha, 14 guests who attended because of a personal invitation, 13 table leaders and 14 serving in-person in other capacities. 27 guests came to Alpha from all walks of life and stages of faith on Wednesday night, bringing their honest questions, doubts, and desire to find out more about the Christian faith. Watching the joy and laughter as guests leaned in and enjoyed time together and seeing them find a safe space for authentic connection and conversation was such a delight.

THANK YOU for your prayers, your support, your service, your invitations. It has been incredible to see all the hospitality slots fill up with LifeGroups serving dessert, the enthusiastic response from table leaders excited to be leading in person again and the numbers of people inviting friends to attend together.

Still want to be involved? We need you! We are hosting a prayer table at the back of the room each week and we need you to come pray in person. Last week we saw incredible answers to prayer as this team prayed for strong relational connections as guests got to know each other on our first night – the ENTIRE room stayed behind 15 minutes just to connect once the evening was done!!! Table leaders reported that some specific guests that this prayer team was praying for leaned in and enjoyed the conversation – when they could have felt like the “odd one out” and their experience was the complete opposite. This is a one-time commitment and we’d love to have you experience the blessings and joys of seeing God answer prayer! The prayer table is able to eat dessert and watch the video together, before turning to prayer. You will receive prayer prompts of what to pray for. The total commitment is 90 minutes. Sign up here.

Still want to attend? We have room for you and a friend! You especially encourage new people to join in the first 3 weeks of Alpha, and we are only at week 2. Sign up here to find out more and let us know you are coming. Alpha is for everyone but is especially designed for those exploring faith. If that’s you, you won’t be alone! You are very welcome to come and try Alpha just one time and see if you like it.

Got Questions? Email me at alpha@chapelhillpc.org.

Pastor Rachel
Chapel Hill Gig Harbor

Photo by Alpha Course