Don’t Miss September at 703!

Don’t Miss September at 703!

It’s a time of transition. We’re making a move! September 7th will be our last Tuesday on Sidney Ave. We’re moving downtown to 703 Kitsap Street! We’ve already been seeing there what we’d hoped for in starting a church in Port Orchard.

  • Seven families came to Sunday morning for the first time in the last two weeks.
  • Applications from interns are coming in to spend a year living in intentional community. (Applications accepted through the weekend!)
  • YoungLife and YoungLives are in and out of the house as they prepare for their kickoffs Sept 7 and 11.
  • A dozen local business and civil servants came through for an open house August 18.

This is the worship and neighborhood life we’ve been longing for!

So don’t miss out on the upcoming opportunities to serve and connect.

  • September 2 — Thursday prayer at 12. Every Thursday!
  • September 5 — Labor Day! Work Day at 9 & Worship at 11
  • September 8 — Neighborhood Open House from 4-6
  • September 12 — Whole Hog! Worship at 11, BBQ at 12:30
  • September 19 — Sunday morning worship continues! 11am at 703 Kitsap St.
  • September 21 — Middle School Launches, 6pm