Kitsap House

703 – Ready for Action!

703 – Ready for Action!

I’ve been hosting more and more guests at our new base of operations at 703 Kitsap Street. Every time someone comes to visit, I have the opportunity to retell the story of the provision of God. How a trio prayed over this boarded up, burned out house on September 6, 2018, and how I walked by it with Tony on May 3, 2021 and found it for sale. How a family with a generous imagination for God’s Kingdom purchased it so that we could rent back a space downtown. 

I walk in the door each time in awe, amazed at God’s provision. I sit on the front stoop and meet new neighbors daily. Each guest wonders with us to see what they love about Port Orchard and what they see to be its greatest needs to find a connection with what God is doing here. When the nearly daily conversations are like this, how could I not be sure God will continue to provide for us all things?

Our sermon series for Tuesday nights have been about what God is for, what God calls his people to be for. And now multiple weeks in, I can’t help but be in awe that God is for me! For us

God delights to delight with us in what we love. And for me today, that’s this breeze coming off the water and cooling down the house. For the meetings I’ll have with Andrew with Seattle Leadership Institute, with Maddy our student intern, with those will come to pray, with Nick with Community Development, and with Lauren who will pick out blinds for this house. For the person who is buying those blinds. For Mandie and Heather who have already filled so much of this space. For friends who are re-exploring faith in the living room. For Paige who’s traveling back this weekend. So much provision of God. 

How much more can I anticipate him providing for what I don’t yet know we need? How much confidence can I have that he will provide for you?? Of course, those are rhetorical questions.

Every time I enter the key into the door, I am reminded of God’s provision. He is Yahweh-Jireh, the God who provides. 

He will provide for you. Rest in that confidence. Be bewildered with that assurance. 

And be prayerful that God will continue to provide everything we need as 703 grows as the space we worship in on Sundays, offer to partners for ministry, share with people who work in Port Orchard, and retell that people might know God, our Provider.

I hope you’ll join us here soon! 703 is ready for action!

Pastor Megan