Finding treasure…

Finding treasure…

There are many wonderful Chapel Hill ministries that had to take a hiatus last year. Isn’t it great, as we are breaking out of the COVID funk, to see so many things returning to normal?

One that I’m particularly excited about is Vacation Bible School which will launch next week! We were able to expand our original maximum number of 120 kids to have 160 in order to accommodate many who were on a very full waiting list. One-quarter of those, 44, come from non-Chapel Hill families. (Not surprising, maybe; we’ve had thirty new families with young kids who have begun worshiping with us since last September.) 

Our theme is “Treasured—Discovering you are priceless to God.” How could there be a more perfect theme? After a year of COVID in which people felt marginalized and depersonalized, won’t our kids be blessed to rediscover how much God loves them and how precious they are?

And to underscore that point, we will have almost as many volunteers as we have kids. Imagine that! 150 adults and older teens who, by their presence are declaring to those children how deeply they are loved by God and by his church. The recent training meeting for those volunteers was electric with energy. That will be contagious! And we have adapted our schedule to focus extra time and attention on building relationship with kids.

I’m so proud of the work our Children’s Ministries have done under some very challenging circumstances. And I can’t wait to walk into the building that is buzzing with kid-energy!

All of this is possible because of your continued, faithful support. Keep it up…including the prayers! There will be a lot of pent up energy in this building.

I’ll see you Sunday when I speak on what I consider one of the most deficient much-needed qualities in America: contentment!

Pastor Mark