A year like no other!

A year like no other!

More than a year ago, at the start of the pandemic but before we had been shut down, I stood in front of my staff with what I hoped were words of encouragement. I told them that we were facing an unprecedented and uncertain future; that we had no idea the impact on our congregation. And I entreated them to do their very best to continue to lead, encourage and care for their flock. I told them it would require innovation and creativity like never before; that they would have to be fast on their feet, ready to turn on a dime to meet the challenges we were about to face.

That was more than a year ago. Last week, I stood before that same staff to say, “Thank you” for an incredible year of ministry. Far from being catastrophic for us as a congregation, 2020 was in many ways a banner year. It was hard…but it was very, very good. And very fruitful. And it deserved to be celebrated.

Then, I went down a list of just some of the ways in which every department had stepped up to the challenge before them. It was one ”hurrah” after another. By the time we were done, every member of our team was encouraged to realize what the Holy Spirit had accomplished through us.

It really IS an incredible list of accomplishments. And I thought you might enjoy reading them. Click here to page through all the reasons we have to celebrate 2020. None of us are sorry to have it behind us; we are ready to kick off a new program year in July. But it really does deserve a moment of celebration.

And speaking of kicking off a new program year, I’m REALLY excited that starting next month, we are going to begin telling you exactly how we plan to spend the available funds to go “beyond these walls” since we have paid off the debt on our building! Keep your eyes and ears open for stories of new initiatives that will enable us to make disciples, send leaders, and love our neighbors like never before. And remember, for every dollar you give to our general fund, 15% goes “beyond these walls”… and another 10% goes to local and global outreach…that’s a quarter out of every dollar!

I hope reading about the ways your church thrived this past year blesses you!

Pastor Mark

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash