Would you please go away?

Would you please go away?

That sounds rude, doesn’t it? But it’s not meant to be; I’ll explain in a moment.

I’ve been church-hopping recently. It has been fun and inspiring. It’s a Tuesday evening service so it reminds me of our old Saturday night gatherings. It is small enough to be friendly and familiar. But large enough to feel vital. Kids were running around our feet; volunteers were serving joyfully.

I walked around the facility. It was freshly painted, clean as a whistle, well-supplied. The children’s area was being protected by a mama bear at the gate…a sweet mama bear, but you better not mess with her cubs! 

When I sat down for worship, the sanctuary was beautiful, the backdrop was modern, the lighting set the right mood. When the music began, it was upbeat and inspiring. The worship leader had a beautiful voice and a sweet spirit. The preaching was inspiring and we closed with communion. The people were friendly and there was a wonderful “buzz” after the service; everyone wanted to stick around.

So… what is the name of this dynamic church? Chapel Hill! Chapel Hill Port Orchard, of course! I wanted to get in on the action!

You could not have chosen a worse year in which to launch our new Port Orchard campus. If COVID was tough for a well-established congregation, how much more brutal for one that is just getting its legs under it? But Pastor Megan and the rest of her team have persevered! Their resilience has been inspiring. They have pivoted, innovated, re-imagined and, when necessary, pirouetted… whatever was required to keep this vision of a new Chapel Hill congregation moving forward.

And is it ever! The leadership team is more committed than ever to our dream of a Port Orchard Chapel Hill. Not just moving a worship service more conveniently north on the peninsula. No, this is a vision to reach out to, love and serve the community of Port Orchard.

Which brings me back to my subject line: “Would you please go away?” I don’t mean to be rude. I mean, literally, would you consider worshipping with our Port Orchard family for the next month? We want to create a warm and welcoming environment for the newcomer who walks in for the first time. We’re asking for 10 households that will commit to a season of worshipping on Tuesday nights. So if you’re willing to be one of ten this spring (March-May) or this summer (June-August), email portorchard@chapelhillpc.org to claim your spot in the 10. Include your t-shirt sizes so that they can include you in the Launch Team “uniform.”

So, would you please go away? Head over to Port Orchard on Tuesday nights, 6:15, and be a part of the exciting thing that God is doing there! And who knows… I might see you there!

Pastor Mark