Service changes?

Service changes?

I was recently asked by someone, “When are we going to two Sunday services?” The answer is, we are not. Our two modern services are growing. We have new people every Sunday. Some who are visiting from other churches have been literally tearful with joy at the fact that they are able to worship in person. Our Sunday morning kids’ program is burgeoning. As the word gets out about our balanced approach of reasonable precautions with a spirit of grace, many are rediscovering the power of worshipping TOGETHER. I expect that will continue.

As for our 8:30 Classic service, it’s true that we’ve continued to hover around 100 in attendance, sometimes more, sometimes less. But it is also true that we have as many as 400 who attend online. I assume that, because this is our more vulnerable crowd, these are going to be most cautions about returning. I assume that this more traditional service continues to speak the heart language of hundreds of our most faithful parishioners. I assume that as more and more receive the vaccine, they will be eager to return in person. And I assume it will require a few months for that to happen.

Those are our working assumptions. And yes, I know what happens when you assume. But assuming is all you can do about the future. So I’ll assume one more thing: I assume that by the end of the Summer, things are going to be feeling more like normal around here. Maybe sooner.

We will see. And, of course, it all depends upon you. For those of you who are putting off returning until you feel safer, we will be waiting for you. And for you Pajama Presbyterians who have just gotten out of the habit of Sunday worship in person, I promise you… the first time you sit down (safely distanced!) with others in your church family, the memory of WHY you love to worship in person with other believers will flood back over you. How about this Sunday?

Many thanks to Pastor Ellis for his powerful preaching during my absence. I particularly loved the drone shot!  I will be back this Sunday, sans drone but WITH a Large Hadron Collider, to continue with our series on Subversive Leadership. Join me!