1 Day in Port Orchard

1 Day in Port Orchard

Between now and Easter 2021


Join us for worship on Tuesday nights at 6:15 pm (4647 Sidney Road SW, Port Orchard, WA 98367)

On another day, visit and praise and pray!

  • Pull into the parking lot of our worship space. (The gates may be locked. Just park up by the Little League fields and walk in if you’d like!)
  • Play a song full volume to praise God. The song I Raise a Hallelujah was significant in the early years of Pastor Megan Hackman coming to pray here.
  • Pray the Lord’s Prayer under the awning of the church. “God, may your name be praised here. Your kingdom come, your will be done here in Port Orchard as it is in heaven. Provide for Chapel Hill Port Orchard and for the people here everything they need today. Let them walk in the freedom of your forgiveness. Deliver our church here from the Evil One and protect all those who call on your name. This is your place and we are your people. Amen.”


Jump into ministry with Coffee Oasis!

  • Provide a meal one Wednesday
  • and/or buy a coffee from their shop at 807 Bay Street. The profits and your tips go directly to the teen ministry.


Share a meal with a friend who works or lives in the area. Our favorite restaurants are:


Be intentional to meet someone as you go.

  • Ask their name.
  • What do they love about Port Orchard?
  • What do they think are Port Orchard’s biggest needs?

Share a picture of Port Orchard on social media! Tag @chapelhillportorchard and use the hashtag #onedayinportorchard so that we can find your post. Let us know what you thought of our town! We’d love an email from you with anything you sensed God speaking to you while you were here. portorchard@chapelhillpc.org