Almost there!

Almost there!

When I climbed Mt. Rainier with my two friends back in 1995, I remember looking up from the flank of the mountain and thinking, “I will never make it to the top.” The mass of rock and snow above us was huge, our pace seemed snail-like and it really seemed impossible.

But we did what every climber before us has done. We took another step. And breathed. And took another step. And breathed. And finally—finally—we were standing at the summit, surveying (breathlessly) the most awe-inspiring view of our lives.

You may not know it, but we as a church are on the flank of another mountain, a few steps away from summiting what, three years ago, seemed like an insurmountable peak. But year by year, step by step, we just kept climbing. And now, thank God, we are nearly at the top!

This Sunday I am going to share with you some news that I’ve waited to share for years, now. It’s almost impossible to believe. In fact, it feels surreal! With only a few steps remaining, we are on the verge of accomplishing something that, literally, generations before us hoped for, prayed for—and frankly, expected us to accomplish. Well, we have not let them down. And I am eager to share with you these final few steps that will take us to a long-awaited summit and give us a glimpse of a future that we once could only imagine.

I think this Sunday will be one you do not want to miss. If you can come in person, do. If you cannot, tune in live. I am almost breathless in anticipation—just like on that mountain!