Important news about a staff change

Important news about a staff change

Hello, Chapel Hill:

For seven years, Ryan Palmer has served the youth and families of our church: as Middle School Director, High School Director, and, more recently, Director of Family Ministries.

This week, Ryan presented to me his resignation. I’ll let him explain in his own words: 

This has been a season of ministry unlike any other. Through prayer and honest conversations, it became clear to me that the needs required for my current position as Director Family Ministries are greater than what I can offer. It was not an easy decision to resign but I believe it is the right one for Chapel Hill as well as for my family and I. We will cherish the friendships we have made and forever be grateful for our time with this sweetheart church. Thank you, Chapel Hill family, for loving me and my family these last 7 years and for your prayers as we look ahead to what God has for us next. 

Ryan is a gifted, humble, and godly man. He will be a great pastor to some lucky church community. I’ve already heard from Presbytery leadership who are eager to talk to him about churches in need of the gifts that he brings. It was great to be able to offer my unqualified affirmation.

Of course, Ryan’s departure leaves a hole to be filled. I am pleased to announce that Greta Miller will be stepping in as Interim High School Director. Greta has been one of our most faithful and effective volunteer leaders and no one is better suited to help us transition into the next chapter of ministry to our students. We will commence a nation-wide search immediately for a high school director.

As you are well aware, Chapel Hill is a “sending” church. We have raised up, ordained, and sent off 20 pastors in the last 30 years. Being a sending church is hard because it means saying a lot of “goodbyes.” But it is also a source of great joy that we can be used by God to train and release leaders into the world. Over the coming few weeks, we will have a chance to say “goodbye” and “thank you to Ryan for his faithful ministry to us. I know you will add your well-wishes, too.


Pastor Mark

PS—While it was important and necessary to share the sad news about Ryan’s departure with you, I do want to also give you some good news: as promised, this Sunday we’ll start our new series sermon on “Wait Training,” and I will be sharing the gender of our grandchild. You can start laying bets right now!