Sleep on This – March 30: walking in the harbor

Sleep on This – March 30: walking in the harbor

Good evening friend!

I ask it frequently, but how is your soul? Truly? Are you at peace? Are you finding yourself adapting to this new normal? I pray so—and I pray these little evening conversations are a help.

I feel so much better, physically! I fought a bronchitis-cough for three weeks but have finally begun to heal up which means that I am able to take walks again.

Cyndi and I took a walk Sunday after our online worship. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more folks out walking in the Harbor—and I KNOW I’ve never had a stronger sense of the presence of the body of Christ out in our community than I did that day. At one point, we stood on a corner—four different couples—appropriately spaced—talking about how precious it is for us to be able to worship together virtually. And two other people called out from their car, thanking me for our services.

I have been preaching in person for 32-plus years—but I have NEVER experienced a sense of Christian community gathered around the really precious gift of worship as I did on that Sunday afternoon. Amazingly, in this time when we cannot gather for worship, our “attendance” numbers are about twice what they would ordinarily be—and that number is growing every week.

A few weeks back I shared our new mission statement: exalt Jesus, elevate others, and launch disciple-makers. Little did I know that we would be thrust into a situation that would accelerate all three of those in ways we could never dream.

And just imagine; ten years ago this would not have been possible! Ten years ago, we would have been scrambling to find a way to connect with our congregation. Now, regardless of how long this lasts, we have a way to stay connected—and we will. I promise.

None of what I am saying diminishes the pain and even grief that some of us are experiencing in this moment. But when Paul promises that God causes “all things to work together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose…” I have to believe this is “exhibit A” of such a promise.

Lord, thank you for the chance to worship together as a congregation, even when we are apart. Thank you that you are knitting our hearts together as never before. Thank you that Jesus is being exalted, that others are being elevated and that disciples are being launched—even in the midst of this crisis. Give us the eyes of your Spirit to see how you are at work and may I rest well in the confidence of your sovereign care.