Secret sauce

Secret sauce

I think Hires is my favorite burger joint. It’s in Salt Lake City, my wife’s hometown. Every time we visit, we have to go to Hires. Fresh, never-frozen ground beef, homemade buns, vegetables that taste like they were just picked from the garden—mmmmm, so good! 

But the topper is the sauce. The secret sauce. It’s probably not THAT secret; some combination of mayo, ketchup, and other goodies. But MAN is it good! Good enough that I’ve schlepped bottles back to Washington (which meant checking a bag—and I HATE checking my bag). The secret sauce is what makes the whole Hires thing work.

We in the Church, also, have a “Secret Sauce.” Although ours isn’t very secret, either. But it is mysterious to us. Especially as Presbyterians who have always been a little concerned about being TOO liberal with the “sauce.” We make use of it—but sparingly. 

I think we need to be less sparing! And that’s what I’m going to be talking about in our next message on “Get in the Game.” The thesis of this series is that every single believer in Jesus has a call and a gifting to play a unique role in the mission of God. Every single one of us. And there is one common factor that makes that possible—what I’m calling the Secret Sauce.

You’re smart people. You’ve probably got it figured out. But still, there is much that we have to learn—and much more that we have to receive. If you come this weekend, you will receive a very healthy dollop! Me, too! And I can’t wait.

Pastor Mark Toone