Drumroll please!!!! Chapel Hill Port Orchard will be meeting at…

Drumroll please!!!! Chapel Hill Port Orchard will be meeting at…

…South Kitsap High School!

We are thrilled to announce that our first Sunday morning service for Chapel Hill Port Orchard will be Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020, in the auditorium of South Kitsap High School. What an incredible space God has provided for us! The auditorium seats more than 250, with two smaller auditoriums immediately behind it for our elementary and student ministry programs. There is room for nursery, coffee, and the all-important parking as well. For at least eight weeks beginning April 12, 2020 through June (school calendars, you know!), we will be there.

If you’re anything like me, you now have a lot of new questions like, at what time? What will the music be like? How can I get involved? Well—those are the next set of questions! So expect more to come.

This is one of the gifts church-planting has taught me that I bet all of you can relate to. Life is so often one step at a time. The next step—that’s all we can take on at any given moment, and there is a freedom in that.

Our next step? Building teams for the worship service so that so many in South Kitsap can gather to experience the presence of God in community and take the next step in their faith. Expect an invitation to join us in that.

Your next step? Well—take a moment to think about that. Are you mid-Alpha or mid-Financial Peace University and already taking those steps? Rest into that and see what God has for you. Ready to go a step further but don’t know what that might be?

Come get inspired this weekend by others’ next steps. We’ll be commissioning students whose next step is to go to Mexico. Our friend Joseph Bataille of World Relief will be extending an invitation to come visit Haiti. Pastor Mark will be speaking about the next step that parents (and those who support parents) can take. May God speak to you and prepare you for what might be next for you and encourage you in the steps you’re already taken.

I certainly feel confirmed in ours. Port Orchard—here we come!

Pastor Megan Hackman