May God give us his passion for kids

May God give us his passion for kids

Five years ago, had I heard there was a sermon series called “For Our Kids” coming up, I probably would have stayed home. Larry and I were in the eighth year of infertility and I didn’t need another conversation about kids I didn’t feel like I could be a part of. But now as a church-planter, I’m thinking about “For Our Kids” in a completely different way. I hope however many little people are—or aren’t—in your life, you’ll leave this weekend renewed in God’s love for you and in his love through you to our kids.

I shared this in our weekly prayer email for the Port Orchard church plant:

If you want to be in on the mission of Jesus, pray he would give you his love for people. At our Christmas Eve-Eve service, we saw during a children’s message that the kids were, on the whole, completely unaware of the Christmas message. They could not recognize the shepherds or angels, Mary or Joseph, or baby Jesus. 

The next morning, Christmas Eve, while cooking breakfast, I was overcome with grief. I had to check my spirit to see what was making me weep. It was the kids who don’t know Jesus, who can’t recognize baby Jesus because they’ve never heard the story. Who will tell them?Would you please pray for the kids of Kitsap County [and Gig Harbor and Tacoma…] to have people who will tell them the story?

May God give us his passion for kids! If you avoided last weekend for similar reasons that would have kept me away in the past, let me just invite you to listen to Pastor Mark’s sermon from last week. He shared about the key 4-14 window and our passion to share the Good News with kids. As you listen, may God strike you with the same love and passion as he has me.

Oh, how God loves us! And our kids!

Pastor Megan

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