Making history—and history in the making

Making history—and history in the making

If you were here for our 10:45 am service two Sundays ago, you made history. Through a scheduling error, I realized I had to fly out of Sea Tac on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 pm, which meant I could not possibly preach the 10:45 am service. I realized this just the day before and our tech and worship team, to their great credit, came up with a solution. We had JUST completed the installation of our new camera equipment with which we’ll soon livestream our services. (This will be for those who, for whatever reason, are unable to be with us on campus but want to share in Chapel Hill worship—a very exciting “Beyond These Walls” opportunity!)

Anyhow, what was intended to be a shakedown cruise of the equipment turned into an inaugural showing: we were able to show the video of my Saturday night sermon to the 10:45 am worshippers! By all accounts, it went great. Still a few bugs to work out, but if you were there for that service, thanks for your great flexibility and for helping us make Chapel Hill history! (And keep an eye out for the official launch of livestreaming—it’s on its way; in the meantime, we’re uploading some of our sermons as video on demand ahead of the livestream launch.)

THIS weekend, I want to talk about history in the making. Our sermon series is “For Our Kids”—but it is so important that you understand: this is not JUST for flesh-and-blood parents. I think the role that the whole church—all of us ADOPTED parents and grandparents—plays in the lives of our kids is absolutely essential. Speaking as a parent, I cannot express how grateful—for Chapel Hill adults to be involved in the raising of my children.

In other words, every single one of us plays an essential part in raising up our kids. This week, I was speaking with a mom who had lost one of her children. Tearfully, she expressed her gratitude for the part Chapel Hill had played in raising her two boys. And then, as I left, she called out one of the most poignant comments anyone has ever shared with me. I asked permission to share it with you—and I will do so when I see you this weekend in church.

When we—all of us—devote ourselves to raising up the kids of Chapel Hill—THAT is history in the making! Come be a part of it this weekend.

Pastor Mark Toone