Happy New Decade!

Happy New Decade!

Ten years ago, most of us didn’t have a smart phone, the iPad still hadn’t been introduced, the majority of visual entertainment was consumed through live TV (unless you had a TiVo—anyone remember those?), cash was a necessity, watches couldn’t tell us how many steps we had taken, Facebook was mainly for young people, and our current president was a TV star. A lot has changed in 10 years and as we enter a new decade, it brings with it the opportunity to reflect back upon what has been and look forward.

This weekend at Chapel Hill we’re going to take an opportunity to do just that. Reflect back and look forward. Reflect back upon what God has done through our church and look forward to what he has yet to do. In particular we’re going to do this through the lens of baptism. Last year we baptized 47 people at Chapel Hill, and we hope this weekend will be the start of even more baptisms for 2020.

Alongside this, all of us who have been baptized will have the opportunity to renew our baptismal vows and to mark out this next decade as one in which we belong to something greater than ourselves—the body of Christ—through which God is at work, and in which we have a role to play.

See you this weekend!

Pastor Ellis White

P.S.—If you would like to be baptized, or you would like to have your child baptized this weekend, it’s not too late. Let us know by signing up here.