One unexpected way to connect with your neighbors

One unexpected way to connect with your neighbors

A few years ago we were living in a rural part of Gig Harbor, and we didn’t really know our neighbors, because well, they were so far away. We could see their house but to get there, we either had to climb a fence and walk through a drainage ditch, or we had to walk up our long driveway, along the main road and then back down their long driveway. I tried saying “Hi!” and waving but they didn’t ever really seem to want to talk. That was, until one day when it snowed…

It was a Sunday morning, and Pastor Mark decided we would do church anyway. I told him, I really wasn’t convinced I could make it down the hill at the end of the private road that was the entrance to our neighborhood, but he told me to suck it up. So I got in my little Subaru and started off. All went well and I made it the half mile to the end of the private road. Now, to set the scene, there is a very steep slope at this end of this road, and at the bottom of the slope is a main road, with a hill crest just to the left which prevents you from seeing any oncoming traffic until you are already in the main road. So, it’s tricky on a good day.

On this snowy morning, I approached it with caution, slowly rolling down the hill, trying to look around the corner. Unfortunately, I started sliding. Straight forward at first, but then sideways as I tried to make sure I didn’t end up in the drainage channel on the other side of the main road. As I turned the corner to the right, I was shocked to find someone had ditched their car right at the bottom of this steep slope! I was even more shocked when I realized it was our neighbor’s car, and I was headed straight for it! Crash!

I tried to reverse. Wheels spinning. Tried to get out and push it. Face full of snow. There was no way I was going to church today. The only thing left to do… Make the half mile walk back to my neighbor’s house and apologize and ask for help. To say I was scared was an understatement!

Thankfully my neighbor was particularly gracious and after seeing there was no damage to his car, we instead decided we should get our families together for dinner that night since we were all stuck at home. This dinner began a great relationship with our neighbors, which resulted in us hanging out often and many spiritual conversations. A year or so later, they moved away.

Sometimes, connections with our neighbors can occur out of the strangest circumstances! As we continue for one final weekend in our neighboring series we want to talk about one final practice that we think will aid you in being for your neighbors. See you on Saturday at 6:30 pm or Sunday at 9:00 or 10:45 am!

Pastor Ellis

P.S.—They switched this weekend’s Seahawks game to Sunday at 10:00 am! We get that you might be a big fan, and if that’s the case, consider coming to the Saturday night worship service at 6:30 pm (and sure, wear your Seahawks swag!).