Is God really good? Because this is awful.

Is God really good? Because this is awful.

Twenty people came into a video booth after the worship services this past weekend and shared their stories of being in need of healing. They shared why they reached out to Jesus and how they were healed, just like the woman in Mark 5:24-34. I didn’t realize how much I needed these stories until I had listened to them myself. 

This week’s questions of healing are really hard. The woman was healed while Jesus was on his way to heal a 12-year-old girl at death’s door. We have too many of those kinds of urgent stories happening all around us. So we’re asking: 

Why would God allow this? 

Why does God not raise up my son, my daughter? 

Is God really good? Because this is awful. 

Daunted, I sit and I pray. And then I hear these stories and hope bubbles up again. God does see and he does have the power to save. I couldn’t have prepared for this weekend without your stories. Thank you. Jairus, the dad of the little girl, couldn’t have experienced Jesus the same way without standing right there as the woman was healed. And I want you to be an eyewitness, too, to the healing power of God still at work in the world. 

So pause right now and pray. God, please bring hope to the surface in my life. 

And now listen to this powerful story of healing. There are more to come. 


Someone else needs these stories, too. Who can you forward this email to? 

See you this weekend. 

Pastor Megan