LifeGroup Questions: July 13-14

LifeGroup Questions: July 13-14


Worship Is Weird

These discussion questions pair with the sermon preached July 13 and 14, 2019.


Is 6; Rev 7; 1 Cor 14 

Worship Is Up, In and Out


Read through the texts for today; Isaiah 6; Rev 7; 1 Cor 14. What can you learn about what worship is, who it is for, why we do it, and the result of worship?

In what ways is worship up, in and out? What are your take-aways from this weekend’s message? 


What is worship to you?

Where is your heart at as a worshipper?

How have you experienced worship including or alienating outsiders? Have you ever witnessed someone come to faith through their experience of worship?


When you consider the scope of who we worship together with – believers through the ages, across the world, the persecuted church, other denominations, those in our local context—who is it that you can more intentionally remember? Pray together as a group for and with the bigger church and may your common worship unite you!

How can your group more intentionally interpret what is going on, for the sake of those younger in faith or without faith, or those new to your group, so that your worship draws others in and helps them grow in their faith rather than making them feel more like outsiders? Do you use Christian language, explain (or not explain) the basics of Bible overview and context or often tell “insider” jokes or constantly make references to your history of relationship with each other for example? What can you do differently?

What were your lasting reflections on the Hospitality series last year? How are you doing at putting into practice the principles of caring for the outsider and new person in our worship context on the weekend?