LifeGroup Questions: June 29-30

LifeGroup Questions: June 29-30

LifeGroup Questions

June 29-30

This LifeGroup guide pairs with the sermon preached on June 29-30.


Joshua 24


  • Use a Study Bible to look throughout the book of Joshua at the seven stone memorials that Israel erected at significant moments in their journey. Read Joshua 4:20; 7:26; 8:28-29; 8:30-32; 10:27; 22:34; 24:26-27. What is the point in using stones in each of these moments?
  • The large stone in Joshua 24:26 reminds Israel to do what? What is their motivation to continue to live in this way?
  • Joshua is a firm leader, setting before the people the consequences if they break the covenant they are making with the Lord this day. (See 24:19-22). We know from history that although the people of God are convinced here that they won’t make a mistake (24:21), they will indeed go on to forsake their God and experience the consequence of their actions.
  • What hope do we find in Jesus’ response to Peter when he make a similar commitment (Luke 22:33) and fails? See John 21:17.


  • What habits, traditions or practices do you have to remember where you have come from and consider where you are going? Perhaps your family has certain traditions and times of year for remembering?
  • As you think about your own spirituality, what has helped you to look back and remember the lessons God has taught you over your lifetime?
  • How have you experienced the faithfulness of God personally over this past year?


  • What will you choose to remember as you look forward from this year? What can you do practically to remember the faithfulness of God to you this year?
  • What can you do as a LifeGroup to celebrate and remember the highs and lows of this year?