Game Changer Week 4: Devotional Day 7

Game Changer Week 4: Devotional Day 7

DAY 7 – Sunday

Daily devotional


Mark 9:2-9; Romans 8:31-39


What words do you say over your children and/or other loved ones in your life?


I mentioned yesterday that I was both awed and terrified of the power of words in my son’s life. Part of that is a function of our age. As our understanding of human development becomes more sophisticated, we recognize the incredibly complex factors that shape us. Sometimes this awareness verges on deterministic, as though we are only and merely the results of our environment with no choice in how we grow or change in and of ourselves. That said, it seems that few people believe any longer that sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Words hurt.

And yet, knowing as much as we do, we can still be so careless with them. I don’t necessarily mean by this what we do say, but by what we don’t. An unspoken word may be true, but if it is not said then it is not agreed upon. We know how often bad things are spoken, but how often are good things left unsaid?

I recall one occasion when I met a friend’s mentor. In the few short moments we had to chat, this man spoke over me his affirming observations of my character. I don’t even recall specifically what he said, but whatever it was it was so profoundly affecting that I physiologically reacted to it. My skin flushed, my eyes darted. I felt vulnerable in the face of his encouragement, but I also knew my soul was relishing it. I didn’t know I was so hungry for words like his.

I think about that encounter a lot, and the power a stranger’s encouragement and insight had to move me. I’m grateful he said something. To be honest, I wish I was more like him. I wish I spoke more often the affirming things I think.

As you reflect on the Father and Son dynamic in the transfiguration, don’t miss the power of the Father’s affirmation. It is not only what is said, it is that it is said. And more than once (Mark 1:11).

When you pray today, pray the words of Romans 8:31-39 as affirmations of your heavenly Father. E.g. “You gave me your Son, so you will spare nothing for me… You will let nothing separate me from the love of your son, Jesus Christ…” Allow his love to fill you up, so that you may fill others with your own words of love.