Game Changer Week 2 Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Game Changer Week 2 Intro/LifeGroup Questions


This guide pairs with Mark 6:30-44 and the sermon preached at Chapel Hill June 1 and 2, 2019.

Written by Megan Kemp

Megan grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and has called Chapel Hill home for more than seven years. Passionate about truth, apologetics, evangelism, and cultures, she expresses her love for people and teaching through training & development, serving on mission and writing. She appreciates the Northwest’s wide range of high-quality coffee, the crashing waves of the ocean, practicing modern brush lettering and the blessing of beautiful family and friends in her life.

LifeGroup Guide


Read through the passage and note down what we can discover about Jesus’ response to the crowd.

Read through Numbers 11 and Mark 14. How does this passage point back to Numbers 11 and point forward to the Last Supper in Mark 14? What do these parallels tell us about who Jesus is?


Jesus and his followers “had no leisure even to eat”. Jesus invites them to “come away by themselves to a desolate place and rest for a while”. How do you relate to the disciples at this point in the story?

How do you respond when someone interrupts your rest? How is it similar or different to Jesus or the disciples?

When have you experienced Jesus’ abundant, miraculous provision in moments of exhaustion, desperation and need?


How can you live this week expecting Jesus to provide for your every need, your “daily bread”? What are your basic needs this week?

Pray together the Lord’s Prayer. Slow down when you reach the line “Give us this day our daily bread”, and speak out the needs you just mentioned above.