Game Changer Week 2 Devotional Day 7

Game Changer Week 2 Devotional Day 7

DAY 7 – Sunday

Daily devotional


Mark 6:30-44; Jeremiah 31: 2; Isaiah 63:14; Re-read Mark 6:32, 35-36


How do you respond when someone interrupts your rest? How is it similar or different to Jesus or the disciples?


That moment when you’re just drifting off to sleep for a Sunday afternoon nap, and the phone rings. “There goes the opportunity I thought I had to rest today!”, you might think. The person on the other end of the phone needs you, and you know you have a long talk ahead. What’s the reaction? Anger? Guilt for feeling irritated? Or delight that this person trusted you enough to reach out to you in a moment of need?

The disciples had a reaction. They had just finished a mission that Jesus had sent them on. I bet they were tired! And here came the crowds following Jesus and them. They want to send them away to find food on their own. Jesus provides a place of rest for his disciples in this scene, only to have that disrupted by the crowds who followed them.

It’s Sunday! Maybe you’re going to rest today. At the beginning of the week, we looked at how Jesus invites to rest. Have you rested this week? If not, know that God is there waiting to be with you. He is faithful. He is your Provider. He is your Shepherd.

Lord, thank you for being our Provider, Shepherd, and resting place. Give us a heart like yours, Lord, with expectant hearts for how you will work in our lives with the people we know. Amen.