We’re expecting…

We’re expecting…

If you missed worship last Sunday, you missed a wild, crazy, and fun time. I’m hearing from people who are still finding seeds in various nooks and crannies! It was a pretty vivid way to experience the Parable of the Sower—and to remind us that God calls us to spread his word extravagantly—recklessly, even—and trust him to bring the harvest.

Not only was there some pretty wild seed-flinging going on by yours truly, we also heard the great news about Beyond These Walls. Two years ago, we dreamed of eliminating our $5 million of debt and using that money to move beyond the confines of our church building like never before. With the announcement that our debt is now down to $1.89 million—and dropping—and that we have one more year to finish this campaign, it is clear that YOU really love and believe in this vision.

And you REALLY seemed to love the announcement that Chapel Hill was pledging $100,000 to the FISH Food Bank for their new building! When our debt is paid off in a year or so, that will be among our first BTW investments! All of this is possible because of your generosity. So, thank you! And keep it up.

And when you come this Mother’s Day weekend, you are going to hear about another even MORE audacious BTW investment. It’s not the first time you’ve heard about it, but we will have a lot more of the juicy details. And I’ll give you a hint: Chapel Hill is pregnant. What better time to celebrate the fact that we are “expecting” than Mother’s Day weekend?

It will be a precious time. Gifts, honoring of some special moms, a great video, glorious music. You won’t want to miss it!

Pastor Mark