Game Changer Week 1 Devotional Day 7

Game Changer Week 1 Devotional Day 7

Day 7 – Sunday

Daily Devotional


Matthew 5:43-48


“Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you” is the command given in Matthew 5:44. If this passage has reminded you of some difficult memories of experiencing rejection, spend time intentionally praying for those who have hurt you.


It is not easy to recover from rejection, at least not for us humans. Jesus has some wise words though, from his Sermon on the Mount. He says that we should pray for our enemies. Earlier in the week, I said that most often the rejection from others comes out of their own brokenness. This has helped me be more compassionate toward those who reject me. When I pray for them, I can ask for healing and reconciliation (cf. 2 Corinthians 5:18-20). Whether that happens is up to God, and the person for whom I pray.

Read this Matthew passage in the King James Version of the Bible (Use the online tool Bible Gateway if you don’t have a copy laying around at home!) This version expands on the way we are to respond to our enemies. What stands out to you from this version? How can you demonstrate your love for your enemies today? How can you bless them?

Spend the rest of your time going over what you discovered this week. Did you discover any struggles you related to rejection? How will you approach healing from these things?

Pray for your enemies, for those who may need your grace and possibly reconciliation. Be gracious to yourself and allow God to work in these situations.