Game Changer Week 1 Devotional Day 5

Game Changer Week 1 Devotional Day 5

Day 5 – Friday

Daily Devotional


Isaiah 15:3; John 15:20; 2 Tim 3:12; Romans 8:35-39


Can you relate to Jesus being scorned for his background and simple origins? Jesus deserved every ounce of respect and yet was treated with ridicule and contempt.


Today’s readings all point to the fact that Jesus was appointed to suffer, and his disciples with him. He knew at some level that he was headed to certain death, and that truth became more evident the closer he got to the cross. In his humanity, he really was a lowly carpenter, a laborer without much status in his culture or his community. But in his deity, he was the very Son of God, who deserved the deference of a King! In the story of King Saul, even though he turned out to be a wicked and horrible king, the person who caused him to fall on his sword himself fell on his sword, because no one was to touch or harm the Lord’s anointed (chosen) ruler.

Yet the nation of Israel, the Lord’s own people, did not recognize him as such. For those of us who do recognize him, we are also to identify with him in his sufferings. Can you relate to the sufferings of Jesus? In what way(s)?

We’re told in the Bible that we should expect to be treated poorly when we stand up for Jesus.

How does this make you feel? Have you ever experienced this outside your family, in your community?

Today’s readings also point to the fact that we have hope in Jesus. Nothing can separate us from him, especially the persecutions we face when we exercise our faith. He is no stranger to the situations we face, and he helps us overcome each one.

Consider underlining the words in Romans 8:35-39 that you identify with. Pray through each situation and thank Jesus that he has already won your battles. Ask him to help you overcome each one with his help.