Beyond These Walls: Here We Go! Week 3 Devotional Day 3

Beyond These Walls: Here We Go! Week 3 Devotional Day 3

DAY 3 – Wednesday

Daily devotional


Mark 4:1-34


How does this passage build on what we have learned in previous passages in this chapter?


Throughout Mark 4:1-34 we see a reoccurring theme of Jesus bringing his followers to new levels of understanding about how his kingdom operates. The kingdom Jesus describes belongs to him and is built under his reign. It’s a kingdom that’s both present and future; now and not yet. Jesus prayed for us to experience his kingdom on earth with his words, “Your kingdom come” in Matthew 6:10 and tells us to “seek first the kingdom of God” in verse 33. His is a dominion of humble beginnings and holy outcomes: an infant Immanuel, water to wine, paralysis to eternal life, sinners turned disciples, crucifixion to resurrection, and resurrection to a coming kingdom.

Both the parable of the seed (verses 26-29) and the parable of the mustard seed (30-32) expand on one word from verse 8. That key word is “yielding”. How does the kingdom of God thrive? From our limited, earthly perspective it grows in mysterious and unexpected ways. From God’s unlimited and eternal perspective, it yields crops in their exact right timing and for his holy purposes. People listening to Jesus knew full well mustard seeds didn’t normally grow larger than all the other plants in the garden. He was stating the impossible is possible in his kingdom. Anyone who has planted seeds understand the limited control they have in actually forcing a seed to sprout. Our role is to simply sow the seeds of God’s grace and love trusting the outcomes and the harvest to Him.

Where does that leave us today? We’re like plants with roots in this natural world, yet with spirits soaring in heavenly places. We’re citizens of Jesus’ now and not-yet kingdom who have a job to do. Let your life be an invitation for others to meet God.