Beyond These Walls: Here We Go! Week 2 Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Beyond These Walls: Here We Go! Week 2 Intro/LifeGroup Questions


This guide pairs with Mark 4:21-25 and the sermon preached at Chapel Hill on May 11-12.

Written by Kim Maxwell

Teacher and LifeGroup leader at Tuesday morning Women’s Life. I married my college sweetheart, Steve, almost 28 years ago, and I am proud to be Nate and Brynna’s mom. I love spending time with God in His Word and hanging out with my family, preferably outside, at church, or at a basketball game. Throw in a long walk and a good book, and I am perfectly content.

LifeGroup Guide


Read Mark 4:21-25 and the parallel passages in Matthew 5:15 and Luke 8:16. How does the lamp represent the kingdom of God in these passages?

Read this passage in the context of chapter four. How do verse 24 and 25 remind you of what we learned in the parable of the sower about the nature of the kingdom of God?

How does 4:22 continue to develop our understanding of the purpose of parables explained in 4:11?


How do you relate to this parable? How have you personally experienced truth of verses 24 and 25 in your life?

How has following Jesus made hidden things come to light in your life and walk with Him?

What impact does it make for a believer to “put their light on a stand” instead of hiding it under a basket, or under a bed. How do you feel about this idea?


“To the one who has, more will be given.” Spend time journaling, or sharing a list of the things you have. How can you faithfully steward what you have been given? Think through in terms of all different areas; knowledge/experience and faith in Jesus, spiritual gifts, material possessions, money, time…

Would your LifeGroup like to go deeper into exploring their unique gifts and passions, their unique stories and personalities, and where they might serve in the church and local area? Look out for a new class, Custom Made, coming in the Fall. Perhaps your LifeGroup might be interested in participating as a group.