Beyond These Walls: Here We Go! Week 2 Devotional Day 5

Beyond These Walls: Here We Go! Week 2 Devotional Day 5

DAY 5 – Friday

Daily devotional


Mark 4:24-25 with the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30.


“To the one who has, more will be given.” How do you relate to this parable? How have you personally experienced the truth of verses 24 and 25 in your life? Spend time journaling or sharing a list of the things you have. How can you faithfully steward what you have been given? Think through in terms of all different areas; knowledge/experience and faith in Jesus, spiritual gifts, material possessions, money, time…


Have you ever given something of yourself, but received back way more than you gave?

I feel that way when I teach Sunday School. I give an hour or so of my time and energy each Sunday to our elementary-aged children. Not much, really, out of the 112 or so waking hours I have each week. But the joy and the sense of fulfilled purpose I experience with those kids far outweighs anything I’ve given. Getting to lead one of them to Jesus for the first time or watching a second grader cherishing her very first Bible or seeing children actively engage with the Word of God and understand who they are in Christ is such a joyful privilege.

Before we can give, though, we must first have something, some light, to give. I will not be a very effective Sunday School teacher if I do not first spend time preparing, praying, and being filled by God as I learn more about Him and practice obeying Him myself. If we want to faithfully steward what we have been given, and let our lights shine, we must first fill up on God’s Spirit. The Holy Spirit, the fiery Presence of God Himself, is the greatest gift our heavenly Father could give us, and we can always ask for more of Him! Luke 11:11-13 says, “Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead? Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!”

We serve a good and faithful God of abundance who gives to us way more than we could ever give to Him. He loves to bless us with more than we could ever ask for or even imagine (Ephesians 3:20)!

Father, You are an abundantly generous God! Everything we have comes from You. Please forgive me for the times I’ve tried to give and serve out of my own resources, without You. Holy Spirit, I need more of You. Please fill me once again with Your fiery Presence so that Your light shines brightly in me.