Beyond These Walls: Here We Go! Week 2 Devotional Day 4

Beyond These Walls: Here We Go! Week 2 Devotional Day 4

DAY 4 – Thursday

Daily devotional


Mark 4:21-23 along with Jeremiah 23:29, Luke 8:16-18 and John 8:12.


How does the lamp represent the kingdom of God in these passages? What impact does it make for a believer to “put their light on a stand” instead of hiding it under a basket or under a bed. How do you feel about this idea?


When we lost power during Snowmageddon in February, I was grateful I’d had the foresight the year before to purchase several high-voltage battery-operated lanterns from Costco (and install the batteries!). When the lights went out, we did not turn on the lanterns and leave them in the cupboard…we pulled them out and put them in the middle of the kitchen island and on the coffee table, right in the middle of our living spaces, so that we could all see what we were doing.

In the same way, we are to allow the light of God’s Kingdom in us to shine before men. Why? So that they may see what God is doing in us and through us and praise Him. Light is meant to shine. God uses His Church, His people, to reflect His light into this world. But in order to shine, our lamps must first be lit by the fire of God’s Word (Jeremiah 23:29).

However, as pastor and author of Irresistible Faith Scott Sauls says, “Instead of leaving marks of the kingdom on the world, we have let the world leave its mark on us. Instead of denying ourselves, taking up our crosses, and following Jesus, we have instead allowed ourselves to deny our neighbors, take up our comforts, and follow our dreams.” [1] How does this happen? Jesus said we are the light of the world. We are a city on a hill that cannot be hidden. Why is the light of the Church so dim these days?

Like the moon has no light of its own but reflects the light of the sun so that it shines in the darkness, the light we shine in the world is actually the reflected light of Jesus, the Light of the world. As we bask in the fire of God’s Word (Jeremiah 23:29), we are able to reflect His light more powerfully into the world. (If you’d like to dig a little deeper into this, google Charles Spurgeon’s sermon: God’s Fire and Hammer.) Does your light need to be rekindled? What practical steps can you take this week to make that happen? How can you make the light of Jesus in you more visible?

Lord, set my heart on fire! I want to reflect Your light into this world, unobstructed. Teach me how to deny myself, take up my cross and follow You.

[1] Sauls, Scott. “Seriously. What If We Began Again…?” Ann Voskamp, 1 February 2019,